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Fall Out Boy tease new music with Claymation video clip

Fall Out Boy continued to tease their return, and seemingly shared a preview of a new song in a video titled ‘A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration’.  The two-minute short is animated by Mr. Oz (best known for his work in Marvel’s ‘Venomverse’).

Fall Out Boy started teasing their return a month ago when they took out a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune to plug a new logo, “FOB 8” and the mysterious phrase, “If you build it, they will come.” They further teased their return earlier this month, when fans began receiving cryptic postcards with the title ‘Pink Seashell Beach’. The postcards came with a message reading: “I saw you in a bright clear field. Hurricane heat in my head. The kind of pain you feel to get good in the end. Inscribed like stone and faded by the rain: ‘Give up what you love give up what you love before it does you in…’” and arrived alongside the launch of a website dubbed “sending my love from pink seashell beach”, which is also promoted with the new claymation video.

Take a look at ‘A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration’here.

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